Why SacMetroRealtor?

·   SacMetroRealtor is an online Internet directory “specific” to realtors and real estate services local to your geographic area (Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County).

·   SacMetroRealtor is “exclusive.” The number of resources is limited. Avoid listing your name or featuring your business in an Internet directory with hundreds of real estate agents and real estate services.

·   Define your customer base; advertise per county or within multiply counties. Let the sellers, buyers and realtors know what services are available to sell their home fast. Let the mortgage lenders help the buyers finance their dream.

·   Electronic profiles, featured tiles, banners and websites are designed with “Search Engine Optimization” in mind. Let us build an e-profile or web page for you that “appeals” to the search engines increasing your Internet ranking. Don't get caught paying into the high cost of the different search engine marketing sites.

·   Invest in a featured tile and allow us to customize an application without having to bear the cost of creating a custom website. Applications range from contact us fill-in forms, listing featured homes, credit applications.

·   We will promote SacMetroRealtor through car banners, fliers and e-mail campaigns. Local promotions helps provide the foot traffic and lead management advertisement to you and your business.

·   Advertise per month, per three months or per year. Establish an advertising agreement with that fits your business needs and your budget. Don't get locked into an advertising contract with “no way out.”